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Balance - A Personal Practice


The Balance Quilt is a response to the feeling of frenetic stress and fast paced nature of life.  I started this project with the intention of using it during times when I needed to slow down.  The slow pace of hand quilting, and repetitive motions gave me time to quiet my mind and meditate.  I attempted to do everything slowly and intentionally, from collecting onion skins for three months to dye the material to hand stitching the quilt section by section.  


It took an entire year to complete, only working on it during times of chaos, this quilt provided me peace of mind. It was a labor of love, and an experiment in letting go of momentary stress in favor of pouring my energy into something more fulfilling.

The quilt is made entirely of scrap materials and naturally dyed with onion skins, osage bark, and logwood using shibori resist techniques, wax resist, and screen printing.  Machine pieced and hand quilted.

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