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Karalyn is a maker because she learned it from her grandmothers, and being able to make things has continued to empower and sustain her throughout her life. From a quiet child, she became a fully grown introvert, and making things with her hands became her voice. Besides feeling like an important part of her heritage, she makes because the sacred process of learning and creating something out of nothing with her hands keeps her going.  Her work is inspired by nostalgia, resilience, the human condition, and personal memory.


Karalyn Wysocki is a textile artist, patternmaker, and seamstress currently working towards her BFA in Fibers at the Savannah College of Art and Design.  She is a seamstress, and obtained a certification in patternmaking from the San Francisco Apparel Arts School of Patternmaking and Design in 2010. She worked teaching sewing classes and doing sewing contracting jobs in New Orleans before moving on to Savannah in 2014.   


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