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Photography and Creative Direction: Hannah Blue - @hannahintheblue

Garments and Concept: Karalyn Wysocki

Modeled by:

Lydia Schneider

Michelle Guo

Leslie Finnie

Johanna Hickey



Thelma Eileen is a small business plan created for the Studio Production class at SCAD.

For this project I was required to write a business plan, and mechanize production of prototypes and multiple products. 


Brief Summary


Thelma Eileen is a women’s clothing brand, handmade with care by Karalyn Wysocki.  All garments are hand screen printed, sewn and dyed in house.




The pieces we make are inspired by the strength and magic women possess within.  We hope to inspire women to give themselves permission to explore, embrace, and empower themselves. Thelma Eileen is an exercise in paying attention to all aspects of what it means to be a woman in today’s world, that we are multifaceted, and can be vulnerable and strong at the same time. This collection gives a nod to elements of the natural world that embody strength and vulnerability at once, and growth through transformation.  Abstracted prints call on the symbolism of metamorphosis in nature. The patterns take inspiration from animals such as cicadas snakes and moths, their unique markings, and the process they go through to become their final form.


Our core values include:

  • a dedication to low impact seasonless “slow fashion”

  • Making garments mindfully with care, that are made to last.

  • Designing thoughtful and introspective patterns and prints.

  • Simple and versatile silhouettes, in multiple sizes.

  • Choosing to use natural, and ethically sourced materials.

  • Having my hand in every part of the making process.

  • Using Thelma Eileen to connect with other likeminded makers.

The Collection:

A collection of silk slips and kimono jackets.


Pieces will be hand screen printed with reactive dye and print paste.  After being printed, steaming the silk to fix the print, and sewing garments ,additional processes such as wax resist and dye will be applied to create background colors.


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