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This collection is meant to evoke the psychic armor women often wear to protect themselves within our patriarchal society.  


I chose to incorporate imagery of snake skin, to symbolize fertility, transformation and healing, and deadly venom.  I included cactus flowers to symbolize feminine energy, protection, and resilience.  I’ve witnessed many of my friends, my mother, my grandmothers apologizing for the actions of men, sometimes without even realizing they are doing so.  Thinking of times when I witnessed myself doing the same fills me with a feeling I can only describe as nausea.  I have been ashamed of things that I had no control over.  I’ve downplayed my own pain, retreated into myself, in order to avoid conflict.  There are times when my skin feels covered in thorns.  I feel it is important to be aware of ourselves in these situations, and to question why we might be afraid to speak louder, and to learn to heal and defend ourselves without apology.

Models in technical sketches used with permission from Reformation Clothing.

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